Times are tough – but are you? How to build a super-resilient personal brand

The world is shifting faster by the hour and you are being left behind without even knowing it. Your career is no longer a straight line and to beat the bends you need to build a super-resilient brand.

Here’s the pay cheque-sized question: When things go South at work – think downsizing, think robots stealing your job – do you and your brand go South with it? Do you unravel emotionally? Lose your brand in victimhood, gossip, complaining and blaming? Or do you kick into high gear and begin to model your best self; your resilient brand; ensure that you aren’t replaced by a lump of metal called SuperMax2 (or by your teammate Bob)? 

I am no personal branding expert, however from experience I know that your personal brand is your insurance policy against tough times. It’s how you differentiate yourself in an increasingly shifting world. Your brand is what stays behind when you leave a room. It must be compelling, authentic, consistent, well-known and impossible to get rid of. It’s that thing about you that people need and talk about.  Your brand must get well-known for being energetic, proactive and super-resilient – so that when change happens – and it will – you are leading it.

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