Alexa’s vast experience enables her to connect with people in a very meaningful manner.  Facilitating learning as a coach/facilitator requires special people and Alexa is certainly one of those special people’. Peter, Company Director.

‘On the day of the change management workshops arranged for all those impacted by the retrenchment, I was quite reluctant to attend. I was part of the first group of managers and the start of the session there was some hostility. The team was angry, upset and made it known. Once the team had vented the workshop started making good progress and my outlook started changing. The more we interacted the more I realized that this was about me and nobody else. I took everything I could out of this workshop. Leading up to this day I was in a very bad space with all the uncertainty and was very negative to say the least. I was battling to wake up in the mornings and when I did I was really down in the dumps and reluctant to come to work. The thing that stood out the MOST to me was that we should all take some time out every day for ourselves to sit and reflect. That evening when I got home – I did just that.  No technology, TV or kids. Just me and my thoughts! I took time to process everything that took place in the workshop and it was the best thing I could have done. The next day I was up before my alarm went off, had a complete mind shift in terms of my thinking – a complete 180 degree turn. I was positive and have been putting things in place, learnt in that workshop to keep myself in check. So true – life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react–  Frans, Senior Manager.

‘Excellent – I made a few decisions I intend to stick to’Paul, Team Leader.

‘The content was excellent; the facilitator is absolutely awesome – professional, passionate, energetic, motivating and listens well; the session was beyond excellent!’Tebogo, Payroll Manager.

‘Excellent engagement during the session which was very beneficial to all’ Lesedi, Line Manager.

 ‘I would highly recommend Alexa as a coach.  She is the best!  My journey with her was exciting, eye opening and resulted in me moving out of my comfort zone.  The insights and skills I gained helped me deal with different work challenges far more easily on a daily basis.’ Maureen, HR Business Practitioner.

‘My coaching programme with Alexa was phenomenal – I would recommend her a 1000s over.  Just when I thought I had reached my potential – she managed to stretch me some more.  I looked forward to every engagement with her.  The atmosphere she created before and during each session was so conducive for me to open up and not pretend.  Alexa has the ability to hold deep conversations without judging.  The way she questions a person and ensures that they come up with their own solution is absolutely amazing.  My experience was liberating.  I felt understood, heard and that I matter.  Through my experience I am now able to self-generate solutions to challenges I face, especially on the work front and have definitely gained different perspectives and unearthed greater self-awareness!’  Pelo, Area Manager for National Bank.