‘The world around us is changing so rapidly I feel I can’t keep up, so much so that sometimes I feel completely overwhelmed, lost, almost hopeless.’ – Peter B

What brings you here? 

Let me guess, your  company is undergoing some kind of cost containment – has to do more with less and has no other choice but to roll out some kind of change intervention – retrenchment, downsizing, right sizing, laying off – call it what you want!

The impact is that you, your family and your workplace colleagues are struggling with the uncertainty and high levels of stress that comes with it!  Whilst it makes business sense, it causes tremendous uncertainty and angst amongst all of us in the organisation.

Managers and the HR team are seen to be the demons and we often find ourselves in the victim role.  Employees are paralysed by the uncertainty with stress and mental health spiralling out of control.

The tension can be cut with a knife!  Morale is at an all time low.  Performance and productivity has come to a virtual standstill.  The rumour mill is rife only fuelling the negativity tenfold, whilst we still have to deliver on tougher targets.

Having been down this road in many and varied forms, both at a personal and at an organisational level,  Alexa and her network of professionals can help you and your employees ‘step into’ this change with less fear.   We will help you discover a different perspective for you to begin to take control again over those things in life that help us have hope and a balanced view on life.

You may also be here…

As you have noticed an increase in absenteeism amongst your employees citing stress, depression and burnout as reasons.

With the impact of cost containment, digitalisation and globalisation on the workplace and all that it brings with it – volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, it is no wonder that everybody is left feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, overworked and tense (just to mention a few!).  Relationships with loved ones and even yourself are strained, performance is negatively impacted, a lot of mistakes are made and an increase in accidents is often reported.

Again, you have come to the right place!  With a wealth of experience, personally and professionally, Alexa and her team can assist by helping  you develop a comprehensive solution to navigate the landscape of mental health and wellbeing for you and your employees.